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Faina Gold

Faina, located in Goias state, Brazil, consists of various prospective tennaments and is the location of one of the company's primary focuses for its hub and spoke strategy, Sertão. Sertão is known for its super high grades with production planned for 2023 and processing to happen at the PGDM 4,500 tonne per day plant.

Below is a map outlining Faina's principal projects:

Faina Gold Map

1. Sertão

Also known as "Rio de Oro" or "River of Gold", this was one of the highest grading open pit mines in the world from 2003 to 2006. Pilar Gold started its drilling program in July 2021 to delineate the continuation of the high grade ore body on the downplunge. Results have been extremely encouraging to date, with an average grade for all unmined mineralised drill holes of 1.3 meters at 40.5 g/t Au.

Sertao stage 4
Sertão stage 4 "Nillsen's Reef" - High-grade results from 2021-2022 ongoing drill campaign
Crew's Reef
Sertão stage 5 "Crew's Reef" - More high-grade results from 2021 - 2022 ongoing drill campaign.

Near Term Plans for Sertão

Key Highlights

2. Cascavel

Cascavel plant after 2021 refurbishment

3. Antena/ Xupé

Potential satellite open pit gold project. Drilled 21.7 metres at 4.49 g/t in March 2018.

4. Sierra

5. Tinteiro

Polymetallic prospect with potential for a large IOCG system; drilled 17.6m @ 1,292 g/t silver with best silver rock chip sample grading 4,200 g/t.

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